Digital Forensics Laboratory

Our analysts are experts at gathering, analysing and uncovering any type of digital evidence from all types of documents, Internet history, log files and email. A computer forensic investigation involves the acquisition, preservation and analysis of electronic evidence from computers, storage media, mobile devices and any other electronic devices so that it can be used in legal proceedings.

We are equipped to handle any operating system: from servers to data cards … and anything in between. We conduct investigations in strict accordance with all digital forensic policies and procedures to ensure the integrity, accuracy and validity of any evidence obtained. We have a wide range of experience in both public and private sector, ranging from multi-national companies to government departments, law enforcement and investigation professionals, law firms to solo practitioners to the man on the street. Confidentiality and professionalism is the cornerstone of our business. All analysis and consulting work is performed at the highest level of forensic scrutiny. We follow all forensic procedures and only use open and verifiable techniques.