Forensic Investigations

We provide our clients with a comprehensive and reliable suite of expertise to address the full spectrum of forensic and ancillary services. Our forensic services include investigations into fraud, bribery, corruption and serious misconduct within organisations and are conducted in accordance with internationally recognised best practice. We specialise in gathering, analysing and comprehending financial and non-financial information and have experience with complex fraud and corruption investigations at a variety of organisational types. At the conclusion of our investigation we provide our client with an investigation report which advises them of our findings and offer recommendations based on the findings and observations as set out in the report. We find that most organisations are un-aware of potential problems until they suffer a loss, for this reason we also offer a risk review service, where we will analyse established processes within an organisation with a view to provide a loss prevention plan.

We give practical advice on how to manage risks associated with corruption and give advice on how to: avoid business-to-business and government-to-business corruption; identify corrupt people and demands; and deal with these situations should they arise. Through this advisory service we help our clients protect their organisational reputation and safeguard against damages.